8 Things That Make Your Home Look Like A Big Mess

Dated: 02/13/2018

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I had a seller appointment last week and the home owner asked “What kind of things make my home look cluttered or messy??


In today’s blog post I want to talk about this. While many people aren’t in the middle of selling a home this can help a lot when you entertain guests to make your home feel open and bright. These eight small things that can make your home look messier than it actually is.


1. Open shelving. This type of shelving has gained a lot of popularity and it looks amazing if not cluttered. We find this shelving especially in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have too many items sitting out, they really draw the buyer’s attention away from the features of your home. If you do have open shelving, make sure the plate sets match and that the items on the shelves are organized so it doesn’t affect how things look.


2. Tangled tech. Wires hanging from your TV in the living room or from your computer in the office can be a big distraction. Make sure you hide or organize those wires. This is a huge pet peeve for my wife.


3. Too many prints. Now that wallpaper is back in style, you may have too many colors on the walls or in a room. When you add photos or other decorations in front of that, all of those colors and patterns draw buyer attention away from your home.


4. A sloppy entryway. If you have keys hanging everywhere or mail tossed all over the place, that does not make a good first impression on buyers or guests. Get a catch-all drawer or storage area and put all that stuff away.


5. Unmade beds. Making the bed will make your room look bigger and cleaner. Experts even say that you sleep better with a made bed anyway, so why not make your bed each morning?


6. Littered floors. We all have a lot of things in our house, but keep that stuff off of the floor. This can be hard to do in your kid’s room, but do your best to keep floors sparkling and unlittered. Enforcing a family 3 minute clean up every night and morning will help keep floors clutter free and your kids will learn excellent habits. You can even incorporate bed making into this time.


7. Leftover laundry. Let’s face it—we all have that one chair where we put the laundry, and it tends to stay there. Put your laundry back in the drawers. You don’t want buyers and friends to see that. 


8. Crowded countertops. Take a look at your kitchen countertops and put things away, even the items that you use day to day or keep on display. You don’t want buyers looking at your stuff instead of the features of your kitchen.


Clean up these eight areas and your home will show much better but more importantly you and your family will feel better in your home.




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