Kitchen Remodel in 2018

Dated: 02/13/2018

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Your kitchen is one of the best remodels to add to your home for many reason. For one it is the remodel that gets your some of the invested money back. Below I will share some of the things that designers are saying to do to make your kitchen remodel the best in 2018.




People want fewer upper cabinets- the trend toward lesser cabinets doesn't mean people want less storage, it means they want less visual clutter. This means that clever solutions to clutter are necessary more now than ever.


We need comfortable seating areas- people want a place to be able to kick off their shoes and relax. They want to hang out in the kitchen with a glass of wine while dinner is made. Expect to see more soft seating in kitchens.




Hottest appliance is the steam convection ovens- unlike microwaves, these appliances cook with steam to lock in nutrients. Perfect for those who are on a health kick in 2018!




New style induction cooktops- this has been very popular in Europe for many years but is it a cooktop that uses a glass top with metal coils underneath the surface. When turned on, the coil produces an electromagnetic current only when in contact with magnetic cookware, it's a safe way to cook and is cool to the touch when the cookware is removed. This cook top is also fast. Did I mention it will boil water in under two minutes?




Login to smart kitchen technology- as our homes become more connected with our devices, companies are going to keep making the newest innovations. There are smart refrigerators that are equipped with cameras on the interior for you to see what you need from the grocery store and also touch faucets so that you don't have to pull a handle when your hands are dirty.




Good luck with all of those remodels in 2018 and contact me if you need some design help!!


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